In The Rough Is So Clean

APEXAPE Records was one of those entities that seemed to pop up over night from our man of Urban Knights, Benny Kane.  While APEXAPE harbored Urban Knights and Benny Kane mixes, they also integrated Soul Circuit, a ghetto/soul/jazzy house duo.  But then this happened Friday afternoon.  In The Rough EP dropped and it’s full of bass, heavy crunching beats and the atmosphere of Blade Runner gone 2013.

Four tunes that tax your subs, your neck and your heart rate.  The tunes aren’t really the fare you’d expect from past APEXAPE activity but that’s completely fine with us.  Something new and fresh, even if the names aren’t, is always a great way to introduce ones self to the scene, a label and to our ears.

So have at the tunes, get after the album (HERE) and follow both In The Rough (Soundcloud, Facebook) and APEXAPE for more from In The Rough as well as more to hopefully come.

In The Rough – Curbcrawler (APEXAPE RECORDS #0001) [OUT NOW] by In The Rough

In The Rough – Sewer Skank (APEXAPE RECORDS #0001) [OUT NOW] by In The Rough

In The Rough – Elephant Man (APEXAPE RECORDS #0001) [OUT NOW] by In The Rough

In The Rough – Boss (APEXAPE RECORDS #0001) [OUT NOW] by In The Rough

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