Human Machine With That Good Skygaze Fantasy

It’s late, it’s the day after 10 days removed from the ‘real world’ and I’m in need of something laid back and happy enough not to make me melancholy.  We all know the day back at work after a vacation and all of the mayhem that brings is a daunting experience so I need something to take the edge off.

This tune does just that.  Minimal, yet happy and jaunty, this tune is a great little gem that makes me not feel so bad about going to sleep and ending the great vacation. So Human Machine, an outfit off of Love Our Records is a jack of all trades, really. Trawling through his back catalogue you can get the sense that this cat loves to experiment and expand the musical horizons to encompass more than just one sound. I love that about artists and while I might not like every product of this experimentation, it still demands respect and admiration.

So do yourself a favor and follow Human Machine (Soundcloud, Facebook) and see all that there is to offer.

Skygaze – Fantasy (Human Machine Rmx) by Human Machine+

Human Machine – Byrds in Heaven – Love Our Records by Love Our Records

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