Gettin Lost In Moodprint’s Storyboard

Moodprint is my link to the great Belgium music scene and while they’re not the only ones I follow from that small but vibrant country, they tend to be the duo I’m most connected to. The fact that Thomas and Alex are great guys help this. You might remember their EP from last year (HERE) which announced their presence with authority and then their remix on our compilation (HERE), but if you don’t remember, then get to know. This EP is a little different from the first and shows that even in just a short time the duo is evolving their sound to fit not only their own likes and influences, but also the sound of the scene in general. When you’re a part of a great scene, your tastes tend to evolve at a quicker pace than some others. Not to say that this EP is cutting edge future shit, but in Moodprint’s small but growing catalogue, this holds true.

So as for the EP at hand, off of Tangram Records, this EP has more of a sexy bass feel with synth’s and bass to accentuate the fact. This is one of those EP’s that you’d get your grind on whether in the bedroom or with your headphones on and banging away at your keyboard (not in THAT way, damn!). It’s a great vibe all the way through and with less reliance upon samples the original composition chops really come through. As was evident on the last EP, the two artists’ different backgrounds come through. Thomas’s funky chill vibe pushes through much of the melodies and Alexander’s heavy beat based sentiment permeates through the whole EP. The EP culminates in a remix of the title track from Full Crate, and he’s done something unique and great with it.  Simultaneously slowing the tune down to a more lovestep vibe as well as laying in a four to the floor house beat he’s made it more sexy and dancey all at the same time.  Well done, I say!

It’s a great listen and a wonderful side project for the two successful solo artists and one that I hope they continue for a long long time. Follow Moodprint (Soundcloud, Facebook) for more to come as well as catching up on their older stuff.

Moodprint – Storyboard (Original) [TNGRM003] by Tangramrecords

Moodprint – Prophet (Original) [TNGRM003] by Tangramrecords

Moodprint – Lucy (Original) [TNGRM003] by Tangramrecords

Moodprint – Storyboard (Full Crate Remix) [TNGRM003] by Tangramrecords

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