Ganz’s Kraftschleim Is So Clean

Ganz, a producer out of Holland, and also on the HW&W and Saturate roster (two faves of mine) just released his EP and it’s really really good.  When I say EP, don’t think 3 songs and you’re done.  No, there are 5 originals and then 5 remixes.  So while really only 5 originals, you also get 5 remixes and from artists like G Jones, Koloah and BeauDamian.

So to the music!  I’ve included my favorite 2 originals and then my favorite 2 remixes from the EP so you can see not only how Ganz is on his own and how he is as the backrop for other artist’s interpretations. Not only with the originals but with the remixes, the EP brings out the best in beatsmithing, juke, trap, bass, and a few other sub-genres that I could list. It’s truly an EP that brings out what many are calling Futurebeats and if this is to be the future, I’m all for it.

So cop this album now from Saturate and give Ganz (Soundcloud, Facebook) a follow. This isn’t his first great foray into music and it definitely won’t be his last

Can’t Stop [Kraftschleim EP – Saturate! Records] by GANZGVNZ

Fire On M [Kraftschleim EP – Saturate! Records] by GANZGVNZ

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