Flako Gets Extended

Flako, ladies and gentlemen.  As new faces and names appear and skyrocket at a dizzying speed (see ta-ku, Mr. Carmack, etc.) this guy has been steady releasing his standard fare of straight up awesomeness.

Now, we have a vinyl pressing of an extended version of What’s That Calling Me from waaaay back in 2011, and while we’ve heard that particular tune, this one below, The Sorceror” is straight up crazy fire.

This tune is if Sanford and Sons went on an acid trip through the desert, with a bruja popping in and out to add the vocal accompaniment.  Man, this tune is nuts and in the best possible way.

So yeah, check out this reissue which not only includes the extended version as mentioned above, but also contains old and unreleased digital tunes like the one posted below.  Oh, and if you haven’t heard the What’s That Calling Me track from 2 years ago, have at it below.  Believe me, it’s as great today as it was when it dropped.

And do us a favor and follow Flako (Soundcloud, Facebook).  His talent and musics deserve your love.

The Sorcerer by Flak?

Whats That Calling Me (Free Download via XLR8R) by Flak?

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