EVOLVE and Esoteric Wanna Say YO!

As a follower of Love Our Records (Soundcloud, Facebook) for awhile now, I have been able to see a lot of this great net label’s releases and while they didn’t always fit the Waxhole vibe, they’ve all been pretty damned solid.

Yesterday we dropped a LOR release (HERE) and while they delve into al types of genres, this ace hip hop tune caught me off guard. Also, it’s of a fellow Texan, EVOLVE and featuring the greatness of Ecoteric. Including He-Man call backs and a wonderful bangin’ beat, curtesy of Kizer Soze, this tune is heavy and one you’d expect from a major major release.  And this release (HERE) is much more than this bangin’ track.  It’s an entire album of goodies.

So yeah, check this tune, download it on the FREE, and follow LOR to keep tabs on what they have coming out next.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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