Everyone Rise For Blunt Instrument’s Encore

Jay-Z has been the preeminent name in hiphop for awhile now. Some approach his level, but just don’t attain and whether you like Jay-Z or not, this is a fact. Personally I’m pretty tepid on the guy. He’s done a lot of great stuff in the game and he’s a mogul which is all respectable. So when I see bootlegs of his stuff I don’t go running around the house screaming like a schoolgirl. But when I get a bootleg from Blunt Instrument? I do. They’ve always been in my glitch hop triumvirate with Mr. Bill and OPIUO and they don’t do anything to change that view for me. This release is just another reason why I love their work.

Re-working Jay-Z can go down in flames really easily if you’re not careful. It’s easy to let Jay-Z’s flow overpower your production or let the original outshine your own. Well Blunt Instrument has done well in employing a beat verging on moombahton, to lead into the tune and then dropping abit of a Noisia sound to get you hyped for when the beat kicks back in around 1:45. This tune is something to bang this weekend whether you dig on Jay-Z or not. With this production the vocal sample is irrelevant. They could’ve thrown a Snow verse on here and it still would’ve been dope.

So follow the dudes of Blunt Instrument (Soundcloud, Facebook) and jam this tune repeatedly as it deserves.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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