ESTA. goes hard with the bass

Esta. has been a name that’s stuck with us for awhile (example) and for mostly that really intelligent, thoughtful, laid back soulful beats he always churns out.

So imagine my surprise when I see a new tune drop and hit play and watch the wave form build to an obvious drop, which in the beat circles is more of a confluence of sounds rather than a gnarly drop.  Umm, but this was one of those delayed off-beat drop that definitely engages the bass and the wonky chimes and it just gets better and better.

I don’t want to say this is Mr. Carmack esque because Esta. is and deserves to be recognized as his own bad-ass artist self, but yeah this tune could go up alongside Carmack’s and hang just as well.

So yeah, follow Esta. if you aren’t already and show him some love.

$auce by ESTA.

Body Party( Remix Instrumental) by ESTA.

Curlz by ESTA.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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