EntransiK & Macrohard Keep That Booty Gully.

We have some firsts for you on this Sunday. This is the first time we have posted something from EntransiK (Facebook, Soundcloud) or Macrohard (Facebook, Soundcloud) and it’s the first time we’ve posted anything from the genre of zouk.

We’ll tackle the genre first, and if anyone tells you that zouk is just slowed down moombahton then they are just hearing the common historical roots of the calypso cadence. Zouk literally means “festival” and comes from French Antilles, particularly the islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe. While the original style is much faster, and now known as zouk b├ęton, the slower, softer and more sexualized version that developed is called Zouk Love. It was popularized in the 80’s and is a cultural style of music popular all over the French colonized countries including the Caribbean, Africa, Quebec and France itself.

So why do we care about all of that? Because the popularization of these Latin and Caribbean cadences in dance music by artists such as Dave Nada and Diplo means other artists are now combing through the various ethic beats and giving us solid gold for the dancefloor. Thus enter zouk booty, a bass heavy low rhythm heater that can be an important tool to any DJ for the club… or the bedroom. 

In this instance we have two DJ/Producers to keep our eye on, from opposites sides of the globe EntransiK from NYC, and Macrohard from Seoul, Korea team up to take us on one sexy trip. Grinding the original down from 130 bpm to 90 bpm and adding in a sexy deep beat with intense synths to keep the energy pulsing through this track. Bonus is I tested on decks last night and coming out of some pretty banging trap into this made the room explode in hardcord grindage. So keep your eyes on both of these up and comers and on this new genre as a tool for your sonic weaponry.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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