Emancipator Throws Down on Wa – Wa – Wax

Emancipator, (Facebook, Soundcloud) head of the newly formed Loci Records, is now offering a pre-order for his album Dusk to Dawn on vinyl. While this album came out on Bandcamp back at the end of January this year, it has remained in the top of Bandcamps best selling albums this entire time. Even when it was first released fans where asking for the option to buy it on vinyl, and now their pre-order dreams have come true. With an approximate ship date of August 7th and a limited 100 white vinyl editions available this should make it to the top of any wax lovers list.

If you are unfamiliar with Emancipator but are thinking that Loci Records sound familiar then you might be recalling the other artist signed to his record label, and good friend of the blog, TOR. Either way there is no need to wait for the vinyl to jam Emancipators’ sweet melodic blend of new instrumentation and organic samples a vinyl pre-order comes with an electronic download of the album, or you can enjoy the first single “Minor Cause” and it’s video right here.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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