Eest Coast So Lovely!

When news came down that Shoeboxx Records had tapped up a new dope producer to be on their label I was stoked to see who it might be. Knowing that the dudes of Shoeboxx only sign the dopest, I knew this cat was gonna be great. Not only was my assumption right, but to the point of absurdity. The fact that Eest Coast, nee Adam Yan, is a burgeoning producer is an understatement. The fact that this tune, off of an upcoming EP, is so very good belying his 16 years on this planet is without dispute.

So the track itself, it’s pitch shifted vocals, to an almost syrupy degree, with the synth bordering on wonky and dreamlike, permeates the tune as the handclaps hit like gunshots. The end product is one that makes you salivate for more and the impending release of his EP on Shoeboxx later this year is a release that I cannot wait for.

So follow Eest Coast (Soundcloud, Facebook) as this young producer starts his journey into the industry we all love.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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