Easy Girl Has Bad Intentions With Digital Daggers

Digital Daggers has a new album out (HERE) and while this is a good news for them and for those fans of theirs (it IS a pretty damned good album) what gets our attention is the fact that our main man Easy Girl has an official remix included.  That remix, below, caps the release and when I say that it makes you salivate for more, well I wouldn’t lie to you.

Starting off with a slightly off kilter synth line that leads directly into the beautiful vocals of Andrea Wasse and  the trap claps continue on to let you know this isn’t going to be some easy cruise down Synth Pop Lane.  No, Easy Girl has got more grit and grime in store for you that’s more fit for a dark alley behind a basement club.

You have to know by now that Easy Girl when he can fit in some time for this side project, will always bring the goodness.  You might ask, THIS is his side project?!?  Why yes it is and yeah his side project is better than most people’s day jobs.  This is just how talented the dude is and you know that with every remix, he’s got something new for you every time.

So pick up the single (HERE), and follow Easy Girl (Soundcloud, Facebook) for the next time he drops a gem and show him some love.  If we shower him with enough adoration, he just might spend more time as Easy Girl and give us a few more tunes to have and to hold….Maybe….Hopefully?

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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