Bronze Whale + PRFFTT & Svyable, and Koda Combine For Goodness

OK..deep breath here for this one…

A lot of artist names are going to come at you on this, and you’re going to love it!

 In the musical world, collaborations usually happen between two artists, and sometimes between two groups of artists. Well this one is a collaboration between the duo of PRFFTT & Svyable, and the Bronze Whale dudes. But wait, are those vocals you hear? Why yes they are! Bring in another artist, Koda, and you have a triumvirate of awesomeness combining to make a bouillabaisse of pure sexy times.

Leading up to the release of debut EPs: “Super//Natural” from PRFFTT & Svyable and “Favors” from Bronze Whale (both featuring all original production), this track provides a peek into what you can expect from these incredible duos.

Keen followers of both groups will be able to pick out the distinct sounds that are used in their own production projects and while these hunting of production easter eggs might not be some people’s cups of tea, for me I love trying to pick out those elements. The vocal chops and pitches that Bronze Whale masterfully supplies and the synthy sweeping melody of the PRFFTT & Svyable variety come to mind…or is it the other way around? Well whatever the case, you add Koda’s great vocals to the mix and you really have something bomb-bastic. Not sure how this collaboration project would work in a live setting, but behind their own computers, tweaking their knobs, they’ve churned out a beauty of a tune.

Check this tune, give them all a follow – Bronze Whale (Soundcloud, Facebook), PRFFTT & Svyable (Soundcloud, Facebook), Koda (Soundcloud, Facebook) – and show them all some of that good ol’ fashioned love.

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