Belgian Goodness

Poldoore, Sixfingerz, Blatan and PhaRo all from Belgium and all from a fantastic beat scene. The tracks below show that not only can these talented cats remix, but they can do the originals as well. You’ve seen Poldoore and Sixfingerz in action, but you’ve never seen Blatan or PhaRo, until now.

While Blatan (Soundcloud, Facebook) is going strong, PhaRo has a sparse SC presence (HERE). The presence that is there, though, is wonderful and I hope there is more to come.

So yeah this isn’t an exhaustive list of Belgian beatsters, but it’s a good intro to more ink to come. So keep an eye out for more posts from this scene and maybe we’ll find some new ones together!

Chet Faker – Archangel (Burial Cover) – Sixfingerz Trip Hop remix by Sixfingerz

Nas – Nas Is Like (Poldoore Remix) by Poldoore

Uphigh Collective – Dealing (Blatan Remix) by Blatan

Free by PhaRo

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