Anvil Smith With The Tuesday Goodness

Anvil Smith has given us a great little tune for our Tuesday.  It’s not as funky fresh as some of his other fare, but it IS fresh and it is most indubitably definitely good.  You know Anvil from his epic album that dropped a few months ago (remember?) and you know this guy never disappoints.  And this track, among others in his back catalogue, show that he is no one-trick pony, and can produce many different types of tunes and always come back with quality.

Thanks to Homeland Security, Anvil wasn’t able to come to the states to serenade us with his funked out electronic goodness this past month, BUT, do not fret, the man is coming a bit later in the year AND supporting a really really great artist.  I can’t say who or when, but keep tabs on Anvil (Soundcloud, Facebook) and he’ll tell in due time.

Excited for him and for the people who will be exposed to his music for the first time.

When The Worlds Collide by Anvil Smith

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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