Andrea’s Sample A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

There are some great projects going on right now and in the past that we’ve covered.  Ta-ku’s 25 Nights of Nujabes (HERE), Holm’s one a day for a year (HERE) and now we have Andrea doing a sample a day for a month.  The premise is that he will be given a sample randomly from his fans and then he’ll turn it into something nice.  So far, after 5 days, the project is a smashing success. Taking samples as diverse as baile funk and Sam Smith, you know that this isn’t going to just be 30 days of Aaliyah/Ciara/SWV/Rihanna. We’re going to have some fun with this!

I asked him a few details on the project and he was grand enough to give me some answers:

Waxhole: What was the inspiration for this project?
Andrea: I’ve been doing music full time for more than half a year now and I’ve come to a point where I had a bunch of stuff that was waiting to be released or collabs on their way and I needed to do something that was exposed right away and wanted to share more with people that were supporting me.

Day 1 by Andrea

Waxhole:  What are you hoping to get out of this project?
Andrea: I just hope that people really enjoy it.  Also, I’m looking forward to the last day when I can look back and see what I’ll have done and what I’ll have learned and be proud.  It pushes me forward in a way that you can only experience when you really put your mind into something and spend all your time working on it.

Day 2 by Andrea

Waxhole: Will you be releasing these in any format other than your Soundcloud?
Andrea: I’m actually just starting to think about that.  I imagine that along the way depending upon how many tracks I’m really proud of, I’ll start thinking of doing something special.  Not sure what yet.

Day 3 by Andrea

Waxhole: You are taking suggestions from your fans as the primary source of your samples, but will this be the only source?  Do you have samples you’ve always wanted to work with that you will use here?
Andrea: Nah, there’s a bunch of samples I want to use, but it’s not really the purpose of this series.  right now it’s just all about what people want and send me.  That’s the fun part!

Day 4 by Andrea

Waxhole: Anything else you’d like to say about this project?
Andrea: I really want to say Thank You to everyone who’s supporting me.  It doesn’t seem much but it’s a really big deal to me that people stick around and listen to my tunes.

Day 5 by Andrea

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