Andrea Gets Us Through Days 6-11

You know about this Andrea (Soundcloud, Facebook) guy and that he’s doing a Sample a Day for the next month and because these have all been so great for 11 days straight now, I think it’s a safe to bet that he is on a roll.  We showed you his first 5 tracks last week along with a great little interview he gave to us (HERE) so now we move along to tracks 6-11 where he’s taken samples from artists as diverse as Colleen and The Deftones.

You might ask how the hell can Andrea make The Deftones sexy?  Well he has.  You know he can do that with an artist like Colleen and he has; and quite well! So yeah, he’s continuing his 30 days with aplomb.

So check out the past 5, and these 6 and look forward to many more!

Day 6 by Andrea

Day 7 by Andrea

Day 8 by Andrea

Day 9 by Andrea

Day 10 by Andrea

Day 11 by Andrea

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