Woody’s Produce Does Aaliyah So Nice

I’ve got a sickness.  A fever, if you will, and the only cure is more Aaliyah.  I don’t know if I appreciated the fantastic Aaliyah as much as I should’ve when she was still with us, but I know one thing, I sure as hell can’t say no to anything of hers today.  So when one of my favorite remix masters decided to put his hand on her tune If Your Girl Only knew I was all over it.  5 listens in and I’m still loving it.

You know Woody’s Produce and you know how he’s great at taking some masters of the game and turning their classics into gems that are nice and fresh today.  This tune is no different and I secretly wish/hope that he took on Aaliyah like he took on Biggie and Outkast.  Man that’d be dope, huh?  Lets get a petition started!

At any rate, follow the good dude of Woody’s Produce (Soundcloud, Facebook) and show him some love for this and others of his canon.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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