We Sink Gets Luscious On The Moose Tape

Moose Tapes, run by Moose Records is one of those ventures that is near and dear to us here at Waxhole.  Not only is it the brain child of Andrea Moonchild and frequent collaborator Julia Losfelt, Moose Records has come out swinging with the Moose Tapes, which brings out some of the best chilled out lovely tunes from today.  The first Moose Tape (HERE) brought together Atu, Bear//Face, Andrea, Losfelt and others that we’ve dug on for awhile and now with Moose Tape #2 we’ll have more of the same.

This tune from We Sink is the first hint that we have a second Moose Tape and hearing who is also going to be on the compilation, I am very excited.  Not only is We Sink included with other great artists, but the tune is really really good.  Combining the luscious textures and stunning vocals of Eski Goten (Soundcloud) this duo out of Greece always supplies the goodies and this one is no different.

So check this tune, follow We Sink (Soundcloud, Facebook) and get hyped for the Moose Tape #2 that’s due out very soon.  Also keep your eyes peeled for one more track to tease the Tape.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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