Waxhole March 2013 Mix – Galvanix

What happens when you ask a working DJ/label head/show promoter to do a mix during March, the month of SXSW and thus the busiest month of his year?  Well yeah the mix doesn’t get done.  Our fault for scheduling the dude at the wrong time, but for those that have been waiting and have lost hope, have no fear!  The 6th Man Of The Year Award winner two years in a row, Morgan ‘Galvanix’ Crozier stepped in and has produced this mix for us, and word is he’s working on an April mix as well.  He’s the man, in more ways than one, and this shows how great he is.

So to the mix!  Using nothing but posted tracks on the blog from the month of February, he’s added tunes from just about every genre we dig and he’s done so without skewing to one sound or the other…unless you count GOOD as a sound.   You might remember some of Galvanix’s past Waxhole Mix appearances and he’s doin it for us again under pressure and under duress, and carrying it off with aplomb.

so check the mix, enjoy it and give Galvanix (Soundcloud, Facebook) a follow.  He’s producing as well as local DJ extraordinaire so his Soundcloud is a nice little grab bag of musical vittles.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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