Watchin K Theory Kill It

So K Theory is back at it.  And not quite the way you might expect.  They’ve embarked upon a live show feel that incorporates their own special style of production coupled with Malcolm Anthony as the MC.  And so for those who haven’t been lucky enough to see them live we’ve been reduced to grainy and shaking youtube videos.  Until now.

This tune, regardless of the new live set up and sound is a foray into a musical eploration that hadn’t been ventured into very much up until now.  A track that takes you down multiple roads throughout, with textures, genre switch-ups and just general instrumentation evolutions all in one 4 minute tune.

This track is massive even through the headphones and I can just imagine how awesome it would be in a live setting.

Oh and as if the greatness wasn’t enough, it’s the first single to be released off of their upcoming album due out some time later (still tbd, but it’s getting released, believe you me!).   And for those who DO want to see that live experience, check out this page (HERE) for those dates and further info as well.

And if you haven’t already, follow the dudes of K Theory (Soundcloud, Facebook).  They’re some of the best guys in the game and makes it so easy to show them some love.

Watch Me Kill It by K Theory

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