TYR Is Definitely Gone With The Funk

TYR is back at it with the funkin bass goodness we all have come to love. But instead of applying these great elements to a remix, he’s gone and given us an original. Showing that he can live in both worlds easily with this (and other fantastic originals), it’s exciting to see what he has every time something new drops.

So this track opens with that bass guitar pluckin straight out of a Bootsy Collins riff that leads directly into some synths that just don’t quit. You start getting the sens that TYR is behind this tune, though, pretty early on and then at the 0:47 mark you know 100% that TYR has got the lead on this song and is thoroughly taking you for a 3 minute ride you’ll want to jump right back on and do again when it’s done.

TYR has been gracious to make this tune a Free Download, so take advantage of that and follow the dude (Soundcloud, Facebook) while you’re at it.  Show him some of that love!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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