Truth Belongs With Yayne

Truth is doing it every time these days.  Doing it by submitting for our listening enjoyment the deep, and sub rumbling dubstep we all came to love before the bro-step invasion.  The duo from New Zealand drop the occasional tunes and whenever they do, they make the floorboards vibrate and the barstools migrate.

This tune right here, features a vocalist by the name of Yayne.  Not always employing vocals, nor a vocalist this one is a little bit different and I absolutely love it.  It’s yet another example of how these guys can make different layers, textures and dynamics work so well.

So follow Truth (Soundcloud, Facebook) and cop this great two-track EP off of Tempa Records (HERE).  This kind of tuneage is absolutely worth those few coppers.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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