That Earl’s Juice; So Tasty

Real Cosby is a guy that was introduced to us by our good friend DJ Babyshoe out of Denver.  When we were introduced we saw a quiet guy who had a few tunes that were really really good.  We weren’t sure if the quality would last or if the output would last.  Since this music thing was a hobby and the attention it got was completely unexpected Real Cosby continued to work on his hobby.  Then the last EP dropped and then live shows started happening and larger and larger live shows started happening and this hobby was becoming a reality.  And oh yeah, as the catalogue grew, the quality just kept on getting better.

Not only was the music making hobby becoming a reality, but the music thing as a whole was becoming a reality.  Pairing up with the very same DJ Babyshoe to work on releasing this EP, they struck up a partnership to run their very own label, called Shoeboxx Recordings (remember?).  As the first release for Shoeboxx, one couldn’t ask for anything better.

The tunes from Earl’s Juice (I don’t know where the name came from and it’s so awesome I don’t care) are all of the same variety that we’ve come to love from Real Cosby.  So stream the tunes below and lets get Real Cosby and Shoeboxx off to a great start and cop the album (HERE).  Follow Real Cosby (Soundcloud, Facebook) and Shoeboxx (Facebook) would be well worth your while, too.

Chill, yet with depth and substance the EP starts off with a stunner, by the album’s namesake. Minimal, with a synth that’s a shout out to another great Waxhole friend, Snubluck, the tune starts off very nice, very melodic and beautifully sparse. Yet, if you think that is where the track is going to stay, you’d be greatly mistaken. Skipping through or past this tune and you’ve done yourself a great disservice. I didn’t know chill tunes could have a drop, but this one does and man, it’s such a great element. Setting the tone for how much greatness you’re in for, this tune has you hooked from the first downbeat.

Earl Juice by Real Cosby

The second track, Patrick, was the first new one I heard from the EP a few weeks ago and it was that first sign that my anticipation of a beautiful album was going to be rewarded with just that amount of wonderfulness I was hoping for. Another synthy intro that leads you by the hand down the path with your eyes closed not knowing what you’re getting to see. As you continue along more elements come at you and hint that when your eyes open, you’re going to see the most wonderful sight. At about the minute mark, the hand is removed, you open your eyes squinting at the light and gaze upon all of what you were hoping to see. This tune is one that I knew when I heard it that it was going to be the cream of the crop, and while I still think that, I find myself looking at the other tunes as VERY close seconds, illiciting doubts about my assertion at every play.

Patrick by Real Cosby

The third track we’ve been blessed to have heard before, in an unmastered version (HERE), as well as remixed by another homey, RoboCLIP (HERE), and it is a great tune in both forms. Adding the original here is awesome to see that his older stuff fits so well with his newer stuff. While his sound has matured and improved, his older tunes really are still so very good.

Boof by Real Cosby

So back to the tunes that I hadn’t heard before and yet continuing on seamlessly to more greatness. This one, entitled Ode For Ghost, starts you out with one of those great vocal samples and adds some chopped pitched vocals. Adding that same melodious synth the whole way through to tie it all together and you have the most chill and tune on the EP. But when I say chill, I still don’t think you can listen without closing your eyes, bititng that lower lip and getting the Feels all up and down.

Ode For Ghost by Real Cosby

The fifth and final track comes way too quickly, and when it ends, you’re absolutely not wanting the ride to end. Having this tune as the closer is a perfect fit, though. Because it reminds you how much you enjoyed the trip which makes the ending so much harsher. But unlike that time when you left a summer vacation and that girl you spent all summer with never to see again, you can hit replay on this EP as many times as you want and relive the goodness over and over.

Full Hearts by Real Cosby

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