Taquwami Takes On Hemsworth Perfectly

Taquwami is one of those producers who doesn’t talk a lot, or tweet or whatever, but whenever this producer out of Japan drops a new tune everyone SHOULD listen.  First off, taking a Hemsworth tune is a great start, but Taquwami doesn’t go safe (he never does) and follow the vibe adding in subtle items to change it up and therefore call it a remix.  You might think he’s going down that path, but by the time the track is over, that notion has been utterly and completely obliterated.

Taquwami (Soundcloud, Facebook) who has been featured here before is one of those producers to be keeping tabs on.  He rocks originals just as well as remixes and if it’s a quality catalogue to immerse yourself into that you’re looking for, you’ve found it with Taquwami.

This tune, an official remix off of the Hemsworth EP (available for free HERE) is a perfect capper to the EP and I hope to hear more from the two in a collaboration.  That would be dope!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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