Ta-ku’s Climbing That Mt. Eden

Ta-ku and dubstep…yeah I’m going to let that sink in.  So while you try and wrap your brain around that, check out this official remix the man, the myth, the legend, ta-ku dropped for Mt. Eden for the newest album’s remix pack featuring remixes from Tommy Sunshine, Live City, araabMuzik and of course ta-ku.

The first minute and a half is just what you’d expect from ta-ku, nice and mellow with vocals to serenade, but then when the Mt. Eden influence takes control of the wheel your brain is thrown into some sort of confusion like the first time you tried pepperoni in stir fry (you’ll like it, I swear!). Two things that usually don’t go together, but works so well together!

I’m sure some ta-ku purists will hate on this foray into dubstep, but for me, I love it.  A dope producer is a dope producer, no matter the genre and if you can’t get down with some stank face then I don’t know what to tell you.

So yeah, go get this remix EP (HERE) and show ta-ku some love with your monies.  He deserves it and you know it.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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