SuperVision Goes Hard With Ishi’s Mother….Prism

Ishi, out of Dallas, released a great CD a few weeks ago (HERE) and the remixes are continuing to trickle in.  First we had the really nice and chill remixes from Libations and Oscillations and Hubb and Vital, and now we have something that will jar you into rapt attention.  The hardest remix of an Ishi tune to date, this one is one of those tunes that after hearing it more than a few times oin it’s original form, you aren’t sure how this hard hitting remix can work.  But man does it work!  It’s got some of those lovestep type vocal chops, then gives you a concussive beat that accompanies the vocals of Ishi’s mustachiobearded lead singer, John Mudd, and retains some of the gorgeous production of Brad Dale.

SuperVision hasn’t gotten featured here, but that’s not because he doesn’t produce the goodness.  His album from over a year ago, Telescopic, still bangs as if it dropped yesterday (Arcane is still one of my all-time favorites).  So check this tune, download it for free and follow SuperVision (Soundcloud, Facebook) and Ishi (Soundcloud, Facebook) if you aren’t already.  They both deserve your lovin’s!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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