Stwo Re-Rubs Miguel And Talib So Good

Stwo, the young Jedi out of France is at it again.  You were foirst introduced to him back HERE, and he hasn’t slowed down since.  This latest tune, a Talib Keli – Miguel re-work has all the right elements here.  The original greatness of Talib and Miguel, as well as the synthy lushness that stwo (pronounced steeyou…naturally) has made a staple of his productions.

It’s a tune that belongs in our Sexy Sundays series, but I can’t wait that long to give this to you.

And as a bonus, check out this tune he dropped a week ago.  So yeah, check these tunes, download them and follow stwo (Soundcloud, Facebook) for even more goodies and to keep up with the burgeoning producer.  Yeah, I said burgeoning

Talib Kweli ft. Miguel – Come Here (STWO’s Edit) by stwo

O N E (free dl) by stwo

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