Slugabed With A Warning, Free To You

Free music is always great.  But when that free music is actually good?  Well then you’ve got yourself a great find.  And when that free music is an entire EP from the man Slugabed?  Well your Birthday just came early!

Released by label  this EP is one of those that you listen to and realize that you haven’t heard much, if anything, like this before.  Slugabed is always at the forefront of music and this EP further exemplifies that.  From the first to the last this EP is just one of those that makes you say to yourself ‘Wow’ when it concludes.

So pick the EP up (HERE), follow activiabenz (Official Site, Facebook) for their awesome release and by all means give Slugabed (Soundcloud, Facebook) a follow as well.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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