Polish Ambassador So Ecozoic Friendly

Huge fans of Polish Ambassador here.  You guys know this, and if you don’t then you haven’t been reading the blog for very long.  But that’s ok, we’ll get introduced here.  The Polish Ambassador, otherwise known by his earthly name, David Sugalski, has shown his versatility with remixes as varied as Warren G and the Dead Prez to Little Dragon and Bon Iver.  He’s also done a lot of original production, as well with his blissful Superpowers EP and his glitch hoppin funked out Ample Mammal project.

So what happens when the jumpsuited one gets inspired by the nature that surrounds him in the wilds of Costa Rica (I think?), but to put this inspiration down into musics.  Focusing on more organic sound textures than the bassy blaps and blips, he’s utilized with such aplomb, he’s exploring a sound that is as intriguing as it is danceable.  And lest you think he’s gone full on into the realm of hippie burner music (NTTAWWT!), don’t fret, the second tune on the album shows he still chops the vocals and the bass like a kid ninja chops fruit on his iPhone.  But whatever the case, this is a great blend of Wildlight (side project with Ayla Nereo) and his Ample Mammal sensibilities and it makes for some great, great music.

So check the tunes below and get to lovin the Polish Ambassador (Soundcloud, Facebook) and see why he has some of the most loyal fans.  Music quality, combined with music quantity, combined with music por gratis makes for an absolute killer combo.

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