Pictures Music Brings The Awesome

Music labels are popping up everywhere it seems these days, and while there are a multitude you might have never heard of, there are some that set themselves apart by the talent they collect. Pictures Music is one of those that is small-ish, but yet has a great stable of artists. For artists I rarely recognize the label unless I see a good trend. A trend towards good begs to be followed. It’s like paying attention to every movie you like and the studio that made it. Sure you’ll pay attention to the Director and certainly the principal actors, but the studio that actually made it happen and distributed is lost, for right or wrong.

 Pictures Music was brought to me, thankfully, by one of the label artist’s managers and so yeah, I’m stupefied as to how I missed this label of awesome.

Pictures Music is made up of Koreless, Lapalux, Dauwd, Dark Sky, Olugbenga, William Arcane, Rudi Zygaldo, and others. The above list plus the few artists I hadn’t show that Pictures Music is definitely trending towards GOOD and has been for awhile.

 But no matter, check these tunes and see what I have been missing anyway. And follow Pictures Music (Official Site, Soundcloud), Olugbenga (Soundcloud, Facebook) and William Arcane (Soundcloud, Facebook)

OLUGBENGA – Hafiza [INNOCENCE] by Pictures Music

William Arcane – Not The Only One by Pictures Music

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