Pavel Dovgal’s Bedouin Nature

Big huge mega fans of Project Mooncircle here, and yet THIS album passed me by.  It happens and I’ve kicked holes in mine own shins because of how often this occurs.  Anyway, better late than never, right?

Ok so Pavel Dovgal, you know him from past posts, and he’s now released an album on Bandcamp featuring many of the Project Mooncircle family we know and love, like Robot Koch, Graciela Maria, John Lamonica  with copious input from Philip Saulin of to make this stunning album.  It’s more of a meandering concept album in that there are styles and sounds as disparate as the Bedouin cultures that the album is named after.  However, the one overwhelming aspect of it all is that it’s well-crafted and worth listening to front and back at least one time.  Ambient, to indie rock, this album brings together so much that you might not realize you’re listening to the same composer.

The goal of this album release (HERE) is to raise money for Greenpeace and the WWF (Wildlife fund, NOT  the Wrestling Federation, knuckleheads), so enjoy this album, and purchase for a few coppers, yeah? Supporting the music is always worth it, but supporting organizations like these is also as rewarding.

Transition (feat. Robot Koch) by Pavel Dovgal

Silence (feat. Graciela Maria) by Pavel Dovgal

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