PANTyRAiD So Sweet With That Pillowtalk

PANTyRAiD, the project of Ooah and MartyParty is in mid-flight, with touring and now a full album release.  No puny EP’s here with two originals and 5 remixes.  Oh no, these guys put aside their solo/group projects and went hard with this album and when I say it has everything, it really has everything.  You want some hardcore gangsta shit, well then you got it.  You want some cruisin summer type music, well you got that too.  You want some bedroom action music, you definitely have that.  So yeah, any worthwhile event, you have this album to hold your hand.

I’ve included three of my favorite tunes below all of which show a different shade of PANTyRAiD.  Sure these might be the chillest of the bunch, but as with any release that is solid from front to back, my favorites will change as my mood changes and this album will be no different.

So give PANTyRAiD a follow (Soundcloud, Facebook) and follow them on tour if you can catch them.

PANTyRAiD – Driving Back Home – PillowTalk by PANTyRAiD

PANTyRAiD – Sixteen & Free – PillowTalk by PANTyRAiD

PANTyRAiD – Brooklyn Angel – Free DL From PillowTalk by PANTyRAiD

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