Minorstep’s Still With Daughter

Daughter is really making the rounds in the remix community. And for good reason! The trio is a great example of how you can be haunting without being melancholy, and the voice of Elena Tonra is just the perfect compliment. Minorstep chose a Daughter song to remix and it’s been done oh so well. Karen O, without the angst, Tonra’s voice really powers this tune. Minorstep’s treatment brings out her voice and implements it so well in his own work on the bootleg and I can’t stop listening to it.

You’ve seen Minorstep on HERE before, and for great reason. This producer out of Greece is one of those guys who has class tracks both on the originals and remix side of the fence and he isn’t slowing down yet.

So get to know Minorstep (Soundcloud, Facebook) and if you missed his EP with Loveless Records, do yourself a favor and get after ti. It’s so so good.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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