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Element4l is a game first, soundtrack second.  However, when you listen to the soundtrack, you can honestly forget that there is a game involved.  Assembled and created by Mind Tree, 1/2 of Mindbuffer, this soundtrack is a wonderful example of how far gaming music has come.

The game itself is a wonderful stylistic effort that combines story, smooth gameplay, visual cleanness and of course a wonderful soundtrack to accompany.  It’s one of those games that makes you think just as much as you enjoy all of the features and quirks of your Element4l character/s.  This is one of those games that will suck in even the non-gamers.  For those looking for visual and cerebral stimulation, add in the audial goodness and you’ve got a ton of people hooked on Element4l.

But while we have some hardcore gamers in the office, we’re not a gaming blog and we’ll let the professionals talk smashingly about the game (1 review, and another review).  The music is what we’re after and really, this soundtrack could stand on it’s own and be considered an album of wonderful sound design, that quintessential Mindbuffer/Mind Tree sound and the overall journey that it takes you.  I listened to the soundtrack before I ever saw the game or played the game and it took me to so many places in my head.  I could imagine a world and a character traipsing through various parts as the great music twisted and wound through the story it was weaving all on it’s own.  This alone is something that is hard to achieve and Mind Tree most definitely did it. I’ve included the first four tracks of the soundtrack below, but the full impact and greatness of it must be experienced in continuity.  Listen to it from start to finish and you’ll have a great experience, gamer or not.

There are a few things that must be done after listening to this Soundtrack.  1) cop the album HERE) Follow Mind Tree (Soundcloud, Facebook) and 3) Check out the game (HERE or at Steam).

Close Your Eyes So You Can See by Mind Tree

The Owl and the Penguin by Mind Tree

Adrift Flows Bronsonic Delight by Mind Tree

Paxton by Mind Tree

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