Lockah’s Body Party Is So Nice

Lockah and Ciara is just one of those things that you see and say to yourself “yes.  Yes, because you know it’s gonna be a dope remix.  Yes because Lockah picked a great original to re-touch.  And Yes, because this is one of those convergences of artists that you always love to see.

This one is as chill as you’d expect from Lockah and it still keeps the sexiness of Ciara going strong. And he has an original out as well that needs some attention. One of those synthy throwdowns that incorporates that special Lockah flavor that oesn’t let you get too comfortable with the chillness and gets your head bobbin as well as your pelvis thrustin and y’know, I like that. This original off of his Only Built 4 Neon Lights EP (HERE) shows that he’s one of those dudes who can do SO much more than bootlegs.

So follow Lockah (Soundcloud, Facebook) so A) you can be privy to some ace music, and B) at 4k SC followers that lovely Ciara remix becomes free to download. And who doesn’t like a nice free download?

Ciara – Body Party (Lockah Remix) **DL at 4,000 followers* by Lockah

Lockah – Platinum Blonde by Lockah

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