Liver With Some Old And Some New

The Liver is one of those acts I’ve been following for awhile now.  One of the first artists I ‘found’ on Soundcloud and have been following ever since.  So whenever he puts out a new track I’m well keen.  Or proper chuffed, as my friends over in the UK like to say.  So imagine my surprise when I not only find a new Liver tune lurking in my inbox, but a new old tune.  From 2 years ago, this tune, a remix of another South African artist, LoneRaynger, is as beautiful as the PH Fat remix is wonkaglitched.

So sample the spectrum of Liver (Soundcloud, Facebook) and enjoy what he has to offer

ph fat kill the universe liver rmx by the liver *gravy*

Tell me – Liver Remix by loneraynger

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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