Let’s All Get Withinity Somatoast

Somatoast out of Austin is quietly making moves.  Moves that for anyone who likes the glitch or the psy-dub should take notice of.  You’ve seen Somatoast on here before with his great track centered around Tiny Tim’s crazy song from the 60’s (HERE), and I have been fortunate enough to see him live.  Both of which hinted at goodness.  This EP, though, confirms those suspicions and now I’m a fan, straight up.  Squishy bass, sub cracklin bass, and atmospheric soundscapes make up the 4 tracks of the EP and it’s really just beginning for Somatoast.

So check out the tunes below, then go get the album.  It’s a Pay As You Want kinda deal courtesy of the fine folks of Gravitas Recordings, and for 20+ minutes of mind expanding dubs, you should really pitch in a few coppers.  And follow Somatoast (Soundcloud, Facebook) as well.  Like I’ve said, he’s makin moves and he’s got more on the way.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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