Introducing Shoeboxx Recordings. Premieres, Intros and Great Music Just To You

Shoeboxx Recordings (Facebook), a new label out of Denver is announcing it’s presence with authority. Starting off with Real Cosby the label has quickly expanded to 5 acts most of whom are located within the Denver area, but some further abroad.  No matter their home base of operations all of them are straight up quality.

 Real Cosby, Kouben (pronounced Koo-ben) out of the UK, Imprintafter out of LA, WTCHDCTR out of Calgary, and Dreamghost also out of Colorado and there’s no indication that they’re slowing down. Their ears are tuned to only catch the best sounds and their experience as not only producers but performers will serve them and they’re roster well.

So to further show what this label is all about, let’s sample some tunes from the roster. Real Cosby you know from previous posts (HERE and HERE) and there will be one on Tuesday when his newest EP drops.

Then we have Kouben (Soundcloud, Facebook) who has an EP out that I was actually going to post about before I knew he was joining Shoeboxx. But now I can wrap it all up in a tidy bow and get everything going at once. A beatsmith out of England this guy was some quality already and this EP (get it all for FREE HERE) is just the start. Hopefully he follows the same great trajectory that Real Cosby did and the quality just keeps on coming.

On the Phone (Off next EP – Shoeboxx Recordings – 1st August 2013) by Kouben

Then we have Imprintafter (Soundcloud, Facebook), out of LA, is another one of those chilled out beatsmiths that just jams out with the slowburn jams. Originals are his forte and he spins new ones out all the time and they’re oh so good.

B000BSS by imprintafter

WTCHDCTR (Soundcloud, Facebook) is another young’un who has joined the ranks and his volume of work is just getting started.

dead beat by WTCHDCTR

Dreamghost (Soundcloud, Facebook) rounds out the current stable of artists with this previously unreleased chill jam. Another young padawan from the C-O, and another one whose future is as bright as the label.


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