How To Destroy Angels Gets SONOIO-ized

SONOIO or Alexander Cortini, re-worked a How To Destroy Angels tune that was never released. Until now. Touring with NIN and HTDA means you have serious chops in something and this tune shows that Cortini who is the sole member of SONOIO definitely knows his way around the production board. Not only did he transform a wonderful original, but he did so into one that sounds vaguely like the original but so different and so good! It’s like the original had a long lost twin roaming the earth and now you get to enjoy both!

So yeah, get at this tune and download it for Free! And also check out SONOIO (Official Site) whenever and wherever you can. He’s a remix master and he’s got some great electro rock originals to boot.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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