Hesk and Paveun With The Exclusives

Hesk and Paveun have done it again, or have been doing it again.  Whatever!  The EP you see here is 5 tunes of Hesk’s and Paveun’s that they’ve been sitting on and playing out for a year now and have finally decided to release them out into the wild for our enjoyment.  And for those who haven’t had a chance to see them live, these tunes are new and fresh and wonderful.

Five tracks that border on lovestep, glitch, bass, trap and juke, these tunes will have you bouncin your head and swayin in your terrycloth robe in the middle of your bedroom all at the same time.  I’m lovin these tunes all over and I’m so glad they released them.

So check the tunes, enjoy them thoroughly and pick up the EP right HERE.  And follow the dudes while you’re at it.  Hesk (Soundcloud, Facebook) and Paveun (Soundcloud, Facebook) deserve your lovin’

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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