Guerilla Tactics’ First Movement Of Many

What a great week for us here at Waxhole.  Friends and fam doing big things all over the shop and gives us that warm fuzzy feeling inside seeing everyone doing their thing. One of these projects is Guerilla Tactics, made up of DJ XSV and Kilo Pascal with copious amounts of Mariana Bell’s beautiful vocals.  Releasing an EP (HERE) as their first noises to the public is bold, but great. A cohesive look into what these guys are all about in a 3 track EP is a great intro.

Mixing up genres is something I love in acts (I really do hate genre’s and the histrionics people go through to define a band/song) and Guerilla Tactics does this greatly.  Employing guitars into electronic music is an emerging tactic among producers out there for their live acts, and this EP takes this sentiment and applies it in the studio.  The vocals of Bell, the spoken word samples, the live instrumentation and the overall production skills of XSV bring together a great EP for those whose tastes are eclectic and adventurous.

Get to know Guerilla Tactics (Soundcloud, Facebook) and follow their journey.  It’s a new project and with the way they’re starting they will be doing great things for awhile.

Apocalips ft. Mariana Bell by GuerillaTactics

First Movement ft. Mariana Bell by GuerillaTactics

Blue Haze ft. Mariana Bell by GuerillaTactics

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