Getting That Gravy All up In Your Waxholes

oh my god the *gravy* compilation is here!  I’ve been waiting for this for a long time and ever since I got word that it was a reality, my mouth started salivating most uncontrollably.  Featuring great alums of the blog and some newcomers, the *gravy* compilation is an absolute banger.

When you look at the names on the compilation, you know immediately that not only are these guys that I follow consistently, some would say unhealthily, those that are in the South African scene know these guys intimately.  Richard The Third, Dank, and Sibot are all those names that outsiders might recognize, but it won’t take long before guys like Liver, Cards On Spokes, RVWR, Slabofmisuse and Mr. Sakitumi are ever present in your consciousness, on your hard drive and at the top of your playlist.

This compilation has put me in a bad spot, though, as I have to choose 4 tracks to feature so I don’t bash you, our fair reader, over the head with awesomeness.  In picking these 4 I’m obviously excluding 7 worthy tracks and artists, but they are all worth the time to listen to.  And the artists?  Well they are ALL worth checking out.  I’m a fan of all of them and while I have followed a few for longer than others, I know that the *gravy* crew isn’t just some moniker that is thrown around in a wanton fashion to anyone with an APC and Ableton.  These guys curate dope producers like we curate dope music (at least I’d like to think so) so when you see *gravy* pop up beside someone’s name, you know these guys are worth the time and investment of listening, following and fawning.

So check these tunes below, follow ALL of them…no seriously, ALL of them…and download the compilation, which has been made free to you.

11 Mr Sakitumi Master – No More Sorrow [FREE DL in Description] by gravycrew

10 Slabofmisuse – Holy Ghosts [FREE DL in Description] by gravycrew

06 Sibot – Bellcrawler [FREE DL in Description] by gravycrew

02 Richard the Third – Every Man for Himself [FREE DL in Description] by gravycrew

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