Gettin Infected With Those DubVirus Remixes

Who here likes the glitch? Ok who here LOVES the glitch? How about that West Coast Bass? Well I have something just for you. Dubvirus’s album DNA was remixed by 12 artists across 5 tunes and spans artists like ChrisB, kLL sMTH, Atomic Reactor, among others. Then the three featured below are two artists who haven’t featured on here before and one who most certainly has. The combination of fuzzed out bass synths, drums that make your coffee mug hop across the table, and a steady diet of meandering and airy melodies that intertwine with the original tunes to create tapestries of aural candy that tease your tympanic cavity.

So check the tunes below, then cop the original EP HERE, and then check the RNA remix pack HERE for so much bass in your face you’ll have to get a spatula to pry the stank off your face.

4. Dubvirus – Rising Sign (Mr. Jennings Remix) by Street_Ritual

2. Dubvirus – Breathe (Rook Remix) by Street_Ritual

6. Dubvirus – DNA (ill-esha Remix) by Street_Ritual

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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