Gettin Comfy In Druid Cloak’s Sanctuary

Druid Cloak has been making a ruckus around the musical landscape lately.  And for good reason!  Wonderful lush remixes, great bassy originals and just a general preponderance of output has put this guy top of mind and top of playlist.  It’s a great place to be for the man who is starting his own label so watch out for that.

At any rate, this tune, a remix of Hydrabadd’s tune Sanctuary, is part of a remix pack available HERE and includes other artists such as Heroes x Villains, Taste Tester and others.  The remix pack is a solid pentagrabbag of options for the solid original.

So yeah, check out the remix pack (available for however much you want to pay) and enjoy this tune to the utmost.  Oh, and keep an eye out for that Druid Cloak (Soundcloud, Facebook).  He’s not slowing down in the least!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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