Get Inside The NicoLuminous Spaceship

NicoLuminous (Soundcloud, Facebook) is one of those acts that if you haven’t seen live, you’re missing out. Replete with a fannypack of looping and fx technology this guy performs musical aerobics with just his mic, and his Batman-esque utility belt. For those who have only seen him live, might not realize that he’s more than a mic manipulating maestro, but also a pretty bomb-tastic producer.  This album (available HERE) shows this in spades.

With 8 tunes to choose from, Nico’s got you covered if you like bass, bounce, vocal chops, and oh yeah…bass. He’s really given us some great sounds to chomp on like some codeine coated crushed ice. So cop the album off of Muti Music (HERE) and enjoy thoroughly. And seriously, go see this guy live. It’s a treat!

Nico Luminous feat. Johanna Phraze – Light It Up by Muti Music

Nico Luminous – Night Owl by Muti Music

Nico Luminous – When I See You Shine by Muti Music

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