Euphonic Conceptions With The Recreation

Euphonic Conceptions is one of those promo companies that seem to be less about churn and more about sponsoring experiences.   This is compilation kicking off a monthly series for the Re:Creation shows is just one example.  In the organizer’s words;

RE:CREATION is an event from Euphonic Conceptions intending to provide a unique space for some of the finest in both the music and the art worlds to come together and co create in an interactive environment. We are now proud to present this – the first in a new monthly series of free compilations showcasing some of the talented performers that we will be bringing to the stage.

 Event experience notwithstanding the music is what really is what catches my eyes…or ears.  Featuring acts like MuxMool, Michal Menert, Bedrockk, Govinda and more, this is one to bring the music lovers out in droves.

So check these tunes, go HERE to pick up the compilation album for free and  follow this series as this is going to be a great monthly release of tunes!

The second track is from the man, muxmool and was posted earlier HERE.

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