Elfkowitz Is The Big Little Guy

My introduction to the wonderful Soundcloud site back in 2009 re-invigorated my love for all things electronic.  Before that I was mired in the indie scene, which is not a bad thing, mind, but just where I was stuck.  Living in an electronically challenged city (it’s getting better though!) and not really knowing what scenes to follow left me without much recourse.  But then Soundcloud happened and it was like I was stepping out into the light.  There were some artists that I gravitated to during that time and some have kept it goin’ strong (like ill-esha, Ben Samples, Liver) and some have dropped off.  One of the artists that I latched onto in those early days was Elfkowitz.  So when he dropped this album off of rising bass power Street Ritual, I was ecstatic.  And boy there was nothing in here that let me down.  From start to finish it’s bass and boom from the first downbeat to the fading conclusion of the last song.

I’ve highlighted my three favorite tunes here, and if you like these than the other 4 will be just as nice and tidy. Those bass synths and the boomin drums just smack of that west coast vibe and is really what brought me into his world back in the day. His sound has matured and evolved and it’s so great that he’s one of those artists that is still going strong. So cop this album (HERE), follow Elfkowitz (Soundcloud, Facebook) and join me in looking out for more in the future!

Elfkowitz – Wake Up by Street_Ritual

Elfkowitz – Certified Playa by Street_Ritual

Elfkowitz – On the Pavement by Street_Ritual

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