Easy Girl Makes Loving Dillinger Escape Plan Easy

Easy Girl is officially out of retirement, folks.  After a hiatus to work on producing an album for another band, Easy Girl came back to us electronic lovin’ fans with his Houses remix (HERE) a few weeks ago.  Now, with this tune he’s back with another solid remix, and it feels so good to be able to count on stellar-ness from the man out of LA.

Ok so who thought The Dillinger Escape Plan would be a great recipient of an electronic tinged remix?  Yeah well Easy Girl took your misgivings and turned them into this wonderful tune.

This official remix is one of the first I’ve heard from Easy Girl to employ such a massive sound and to such a beautiful effect.  True this tune is of the softer side of the new album from TDEP, but even so it still is a far cry from those bands that find themselves remixed into an indie electronic gem.  The original sounds a little Faith No More, and the remix sounds so much like Easy Girl and I love it all.

So check this tune and if you can’t hang with the band, then this remix will tide you over quite nicely.  If you are, you’ll find a great companion piece to the original.

So check this tune follow Easy Girl (Soundcloud, Facebook), and pick up this tune (HERE) forthwith!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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