Dnte and His Remixes Are So Mad

Dnte has a new 12″ out that is one vibin piece of wax. Not only does he have his great originals from that album but he also has some pretty sweet remixes dropping along the way to hype the release. Below are the two originals on the release and the 4 remixes, which are some great tunes in and of themselves. When Dnte first announced the release I was stoked to hear the originals. Then the remixes started dropping and it was even more exciting.

I hadn’t heard of the remixers but now that they’ve re-touched Dnte’s goodness and done so well, well I am hooked and I’ve found some new artists to look into. Filtercutter, Thomas White, Mechanical Elephant and Cotton Claw come with some absolute loveliness with these remixes and are perfect companions to the originals and makes getting this release one of those no brainers.

So go pre-order this release (HERE) and follow Mad-Hop while you’re at it. This release is not the only piece of greatness Mad-Hop (Soundcloud, Facebook) has produced. They’re greatness and have been at the forefront of the futurebeats scene for awhle. Oh yeah and they’re some good peoples too.

Dnte – Stoned (Free DL on XLR8R) by MAD-HOP

Dnte – Translucent (12” vinyl ep pre-order) by MAD-HOP

Dnte – Fold Her (feat. Mechanical Elephant) by MAD-HOP

Dnte – Translucent (Thomas White Remix) by MAD-HOP

Dnte – Translucent (Cotton Claw Remix) by MAD-HOP

Dnte – Translucent (Cotton Claw Remix) by MAD-HOP

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